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spare a quick word for your fans?

Red Carpet Reporter: Welcome

Comedy Red Carpet Reporters

The fans love you, the camera loves - get over yourself yer big tart!

Ever wondered what it's like to be on the Red Carpet with reporters fawning over your every word? Well now you can rock the Superstar look, without so much as glancing at a script! It really is a totally unique experience for you and all your guests, so well worth stepping out of your swanky trailer for! 

Reporters options include: Cheeky 'Dave Hazbean', Kate Thomas or Charmaine Davies


'Premiere' Crew
From £525

Reporter/Cameraman for some
in yer face ad-libbed comedy!

Package includes:

  • Choice of M/F interviewer

  • Experienced HD cameraman

  • Red Carpet or Mix n' Mingle style

  • 'Rushes' edit with bloopers 

  • HD video via folder share

  • YouTube private channel option

  • Great to work with other acts 

  • Travel costs within many areas

'Hollywood' Crew
From £650

Get them both ways - papped on arrival then soundbite interviews!

Package includes:

  • Solo Paparazzi 

  • Roving Reporter 'Dave Hazbean'

  • Experienced HD cameraman

  • Red Carpet or Mix n' Mingle style

  • 'Rushes' edit with bloopers 

  • HD video via folder share

  • YouTube private channel option

  • Private Microsite with free high res downloads

  • Quality on-line print ordering 

  • Travel costs within many areas

Dave Hazbean and the News Crew.jpg
Premiere Crew at the Roundhouse.jpg

'Oscars' Crew
From £775

TV Reporter, HD cameraman + 2 paps - blimey, you'll think you're famous by the end of the night!

Package includes:

  • Choice of M/F reporters

  • Red Carpet or Mix n' Mingle style

  • Experienced HD cameraman

  • Red Carpet and Poles included

  • 'Rushes' style edit inc bloopers etc  

  • YouTube private channel option

  • Paparazzi duo

  • Private Microsite with free high res downloads 

  • Quality on-line print ordering 

  • Free customised GOTCHA! cover

  • Travel costs within many areas

Red Carpet Reporter: Shows
Whizz Fizz 1_edited_edited.jpg

Dan, Outdoor Festival, Bucks

'The News Crew were so good at our event, especially considering our request was different to their usual gig. They adapted brilliantly and got over 40 interviews, so a real success.

Red Carpet Reporter: Quote

Wanna' glam it up?

Ratchet up the VIP vibe with these cool add-ons...

Summer Rose GOTCHA!.jpg
NEXT 2019 1047_edited.jpg

Create a pukka A-Lister entrance!

Red Carpet runner £30
Full Red Carpet Pack £80
Standard Backdrop £80
Custom Backdrop £125

Tonight your name IS on the Guest List

You've made the front cover slot!


Spoof magazine cover £35

The perfect memento of the night.  

Like a Lookalikey?

Pose with your favourite legend from £400

Sorry, you can't take them home!

Party Pappers - the go-to Red Carpet crew

Red Carpet Reporter: Shows
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