"Cheeky one over the shoulder darlin'?"


We've been putting a smile on guests faces since 2010!

Whether it's a swanky Corporate bash or your Nan's 80th - we've got it all covered...

Over the past 10 years we've papped and interviewed literally hundreds and hundreds of guests to make them feel like pukka celebs on their special night. Whatsmore everyone at the event gets to relive it all afterwards - through our online gallery and HD video links, or if you really wanna push the boat out you can have Paparazzi and TV Crew combo! Blimey even you'll think your famous by the end of that night! Plus you'll get all the edited HD images and if Nan wants to order and Old Skool 10 x 8 in a frame she still can. Yep, It really will be a night to remember! 

So whether your planning a big Corporate bash or a posh private party we've got it covered.


Corporates and Awards Nights

And the winner is...

Let's face it, corporate events and awards dos can be a little dull once you've been to a few! So a lively paparazzi mob welcome we'll certainly spice things up a bit! We can even take a break while they're having dinner and also cover the awards, dancing later on still in character, athough we might lose the tarechcoats by then!  

If it's a Team Building or awards evening our TV crew can nab them for a chat and grab them afterwards for their gushing thank you speeches.

We've worked with a whole host of Blue Chip brands over the years like John Lewis, Panasonic, RAF, Barclaycard, HP, WHSmith, Linked In and NatWest so all our corporate gigs are fully sorted to include:-

  • Logo branding of images

  • Private galleries with Password option

  • Split performance times to cover awards/dancing

  • Descretion in image editing

  • Client Branding of Mic/Hats

  • Smart Look dress option

  • 'White label' gallery option

Landmark Birthday or Anniversary? 

We've got your number...

We've covered over 350 parties and events so we know our way round the buffet by now, which means we're well versed in getting the comedy balance right on the night and the timing on the shutter too! Plus your VIP gallery is private access only and we use our discretion in the edit, so whatever Nan gets up to after a couple of sherberts we've got your back on that too!

And to remember your special night, for a few quid extra, we'll even get you on the front cover of GOTCHA! our spoof celeb magazine! You big fat Superstar! 


"We had the Papz for 3 days at our launch and exhibition and they did a superb job. They were funny, engaging, the photo quality was excellent, they exceeded expectations. They worked the show with Lookalikes - but they were STARS to be honest, just fantastic!"

Darren, NEC Corporate Booking


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