Who doesn't wanna be famous for a day?


Putting a smile on VIP's faces since 2010!

Swanky Corporate or your Nan's 80th? The UK's go-to red carpet crew have got it covered!

Our fake paparazzi have papped litterally thousands of 'Superstars' on their special night over the last 10 years, and once the party's over we swiftly upload a crackling set of images onto your own VIP gallery, so if your Nan wants an old skool 10 x 8 print she can with our built in online ordering. Plus you get all the high res images too! 

If your after more of an Oscar's, Gammy's, BAFTA's look, then our Red Carpet TV reporter will make everyone feel like they've hit the big time, with playful tongue-in-cheek interviews and his HD cameraman filming all the action. Cheeky glass of Bolly anyone?

To keep travel costs down we've a UK team of over 30 guys and gals, so whatever the event is, big or small, our crew will be there to make it a night they simply won't forget. 


Corporates and Awards Nights

Not another gong fest...?

Adding a lively paparazzi style welcome we'll certainly spice things up, and make everyone feel like a winner! We can even take a break while they're having their posh nosh, then scamper back later to cover awards, dancing etc.

If your rockin' an Oscar's themed night then get our fake Tv reporter to nab hopefuls on the red carpet or grab them afterwards for their with gushing speeches. Or we do combos of both acts.

Our 'Blue Chip' clients include John Lewis, Panasonic, RAF, Easyjet, Barclaycard, HP, WHSmith, Linked In, Playstation and NatWest so all our corporate gigs are super sorted...

  • Massive social media potential

  • Branding of images/Mic/Hats

  • Full frame D-SLRs

  • Private VIP galleries

  • Pap Mob option of up to 8 

  • Password protection option

  • Split performance times 

  • Descretion in the edit

  • 'White label' gallerys

Landmark Birthday or Special Anniversary? 

We've got your number...

We've racked up over 350 gigs, which means we know how to get the comedy balance right on the night and the timing on the shutter! Plus, unlike some fake papz, our VIP galleries are private access only with discretion used in the edit, so whatever Nan gets up to after a couple of sherries we've got your back!

And to remember your special night, if you bung us a Pony (£25) we'll even get your ugly mug on a customised GOTCHA! celeb mag cover! Well you deserve the best you absolute legend you! 


"We had the Papz for 3 days at our launch and they did a superb job. They were funny, engaging, photo quality was excellent, they exceeded expectations. They worked the show with Lookalikes - but they were STARS to be honest, just fantastic!"

Darren, NEC Corporate Booking