'You guys were simply... awesome! 5 stars'


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Ever wondered what it's like to be a film star at the Oscars or BAFTA's - with interviewers hanging on your every word? 

Well now you can with the News Crew's Red Carpet TV! 

Experience all the buzz of a Première night (without any faffing about learning scripts!) with you and your guests teased by dodgy down-at-hill reporter 'Dave Hazbean' or his leggy sidekick 'Emily Goodbody' for a more relaxed affair. It's a totally unique way to start any Landmark birthday, Awards Night or Wedding Reception and it's all caught on camera by our HD cameraman, including all the cringy messages from family and friends for you to 'savour' over and over again afterwards!

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'Our video arrived - I haven't laughed so much in years! You guys are incredible, quality interviewing - hilarious!'


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Fake TV News Crew:

  • Realistic Red Carpet comedy interviews
  • Roaming Mix n' Mingle interviews
  • Cheeky in-yer-face 'Dave Hazbean' 
  • Red Carpet Runner, Braided Ropes and Poles
  • Pro HD Cameraman/woman with on-camera light
  • Fake Oscars to 'collect' and pose with
  • Rushes style video edit via file sharing
  • Private channel YouTube link
  • Option to add Sidekick 'Emily Goodbody'

Fake Premiere Night Crew:

  • The complete News Crew package
  • PLUS extra Paparazzo on the red carpet!
  • VIP gallery with FREE downloads!
  • On-line print & gift ordering
  • Personalised GOTCHA! 
  • Hi-res images via file share

Whichever option you choose in no more than the snap of starlets' G-string, you'll have a video to watch and share and an unforgettable memory of the evening.Your Oscar might take, er.. a bit longer to arrive!

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'Can't recommend these guys enough,

the surprise, the fun, the entertainment - you won't be disappointed!'