'You guys were brilliant!'

Wedding dong!

Move over Jordan, it's time to out shine the old slapper!

Get a couple of our rascals to pap your Reception - they'll soon put a smile on everyone's faces - but they'll be gentle with yer Nan and the nippers we promise! Although I'd lock up yer Bridesmaids if I were you - if old Scoops is on the case!

We'll also guarantee you'll get a front cover slot on one of our GOTCHA! covers, plus If you're planning a Retro or Vintage theme then we really do look the part, or we've got our 'Suited N' Booted' posher look. Click on Dosh or give us a buzz.

Red Carpet News Crew

If you want to really push the boat out then our NewsCrew gang can welcome your guests, then mix and mingle to grab some cheeky inerviews and anecdotes and give them a reception they certainly won't forget! 


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'Very polite & friendly people - a pleasure to work with'


Make your Hen's BIG Night Out even more special with a cheeky pap pouncing out on her! Even better feed us a bit of insider gossip and we’ll tease her rotten and flash her like an real Bad-Ass celeb! PLUS coz we're yer actual Pro snappers, we'll edit the shots and we'll try (try mind, we're not bloody miracle workers!) to make all you lovelies look like pukka A-Listers! Your Hen also gets a unique 'GOTCHA!' spoof celeb magazine cover as a memento of the night - cos' she wont remember it!

Hen Night 'Quickie' package:

Designed for groups of up to 25 we offer a solo comedy Paparazzo/Snapper for up to 1.5 hrs as you arrive at a restaurant, bar, club etc. Special price £195 only available in London, South East and Bristol. Please click on DOSH for more options.


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'I haven't laughed so much in years! You lot are incredible!'