'The guys were so funny...

and the pics were fab too!'

Party Pappers

All our cheeky paps will have you cracking up when you arrive, whatsmore they'll be cracking off pro-quailty shots as well, so It's a win win really- 'cos when you're smiling and laughing - everyone looks more natural. We Gotcha, yeah we Gotcha good! Some of 'em are even quite handsome in a grubby sort of way! 

Retro shtick: DSLR kit

The effect is retro but our kit certainly isn't - we use top end Nikon Digital SLRs + Pro flash guns. We edit and crop images so you look your best, and - unlike some cheeky chumps who bung all your shots on their own site for all the world to see - you get your own VIP Gallery with FREE web image downloads, plus on-line print ordering and a choice of over 70 customised gifts

Just how Cheeky? 

We've papped everything from a 5 year olds party (absolute carnage) saucy Hen Nights to sedate Golden Weddings, so if you want the boys to ratchet the Cheek-O-Meter up or down you just give us the nod. Sorted.

Keep tabs on the Paps.. 

Be the latest to hear which Celebs we bag next... Tweet us @PartyPappers or have a gander at our Facebook and  Google+ pages. Enjoy Superstars! 

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Modern paparazzi


Dress Code

We ain't wearing no frocks okay! (well one of us does but that's when he's off duty!) The paps come fully kitted out in either:-


Top choice for the full-on Gutter Press look, dripping with 'Press' tags, trilby hat, grubby raincoat, dodgy shirt/tie combo and of course - unshaven! We lose the raincoats after the entrance.


The Contemporary look with leather jackets, jeans, trainers, Press tags and baseball/ beanie hats and 'Designer' stubble.

Suited n' Booted: 

The Celeb/Society mag look, with nice sharp suits, trilby hats, press tags etc. to bag those Posh Totty/Hooray Henry types. 

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Dave 'Scoops'

Dave's a Dave Leicester Comedy Festival finalist, plus he doubles as dodgy NewsCrew reporter 'Dave Hazbean'.

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Ash 'The Flash'

His cheeky grin is legendary in the grubby world of the press Corps, he's also has a natty Whistle n' Flute!  

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'Mucky' Mart

Despite the moniker there's no mucking about with Martin, he knows his tele from his fish eye that's for sure!

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'Nano' Nic

Blimey he's quick! Blink and you've missed it! Nic plays in the comedy tribute band Poxy Music too, but he's pics sure aren't!

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He's not French but he might well give you a saucy mouthful - so watch out celebs!


He might be an a bit of an old school gent, but give him half a chance and he's up chasing the Starlets! 

Renny 'Reload'

Look out girls - Renny's re-load speed is ledendary! Which might explain his popularity on Hen nights! 


He's big, he's bad, he's balding and he's out to get you Superstars!

Fancy being part of our pap team? 

We're always on the look out for cheeky snappers who've got the gift of the gab! Send a pic of yourself, with any photo/performance experience, a kit list and your location to:- dave@partypappers.com