Let's get this party started!

Fake paps? Comedy TV Crew? Party paparazzi? Whatever you call us (and we've heard a lot worse!) with our cheeky wags on the door, quick-fire banter flying around and flash bulbs popping, you'll feel like real A-Listers when you and your guest arrive!

It's a really great way to kick off any event!

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Pukka Pics!

Okay, we're not real scumbag paparazzos, but we are pro event snappers - it's not just an act like some chumps! Once everyone's arrived we'll bag some party shots too, so all you have to do is bask in the whole celebrity buzz, safe in the knowledge you won't be splashed over the red tops in the morning, well, probably eh?

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Cover Stars!

We top it all off with your very own  'GOTCHA!' Celeb magazine cover, with personalised text and pics. A perfect momento of your night. No nothing is too much trouble for you Megastars! 

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Fake News Crew!

Why not give your party that glitzy Premier Night vibe with fake interviews by our cheeky washed up 'Dave Hazbean' or glamour puss 'Emily Goodbody'? 

They'll both make your guests feel like pukka 'Superstars' and it's the ultimate way to kick off a Big Birthday, Wedding Reception or Oscars themed night. 

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Whaddya need?

  • Big up a 'BIG ONE'?
  • Liven up a corporate bash?
  • Add fun to a Wedding?
  • Glam up an Anniverary?
  • Add pizazz to a Bar Mitzvah?
  • Hype a Premier or opening? 
  • Kick start an 'Oscars' gig?
  • Launch a Bar/Restaurant?
  • Add sparkle to an Xmas Do?
  • Pimp up a Prom Night?
  • Get your Hens Clucking?
  • Activate an Activity Day?
  • Suprise a Kid's Party?
  • Raise some Charity dosh? 
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VIP Gallery!

You also get a top-notch selection of edited pics, swifty served up to your very own private Gallery for guests to view and download FREE web images, with on-line prints and customised gifts ordering too. Plus you get all the high res images too! Sorted.

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New Solo Pap and 1 hr options available!